Friday, May 22, 2015

Wednesday was Jordan Zimmermann's Night

There was that little something in the bottom of the third but otherwise I really do think it was Jordan Zimmermann's night.

I think Zimmermann is my favorite Nats' pitcher. He never seems to get rattled no matter what happens when he is on the mound. His motion seems effortless.

He did give up two runs to the Yankees in the first inning. When the inning was over he seemed to have a big exhale when he walked to the dug out.

After that problem, it was smooth sailing for him. From the Post:
Zimmermann pitches bluntly, attacking so hitters must swing. He battered the first three Yankees hitters with nothing but mid-90s fastballs. Two of them got hits and eventually scored, but Zimmermann continued his barrage. No Yankees scored in the rest of his seven innings. Only one more runner reached second base.
He also ended up being the player of the game. 

Here's Zimmermann in motion.

Nats Wednesday's Win Over the Yankees 3-2

Tom waves hi

It certainly was a good game. It certainly had its share of controversy. In the end the Nats pulled out a win. I'm going to be putting up some pictures from the game in the next couple of posts. Also reaction to the game.

I had a really good seat behind the Nats dugout. I had a good view of the dust up that occurred in the bottom of the 3rd inning. I didn't see manager Matt Williams part until he stepped out of the dugout. I only saw that after I got home and caught it on ESPN.

I think everyone is to blame but more rests on the shoulder of the ump. His strike zone seemed to be all over the place for the entire night. If it was low then it should have been consistently low (the strike on Harper was what started this all and I don't believe the umps explanation that Harper and Williams were tossed for arguing balls and strikes). In other words Alex Rodriguez's called third strike should have been a ball. That's my two cents on what happened. I have a little more in later posts.

Here are some pictures from the game.

The presidents emerge.

Teddy, Tom and Bill

Tom greets some fans.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

What a Game Last Night — Nats Win 3-2

Just a quick post about the game. Wow it was amazing. Two solo shots from Desmond and Moore. Then all sorts of fireworks at home plate in the bottom of the third. Bryce Harper and Manager Matt Williams were ejected from the game.

Here's what Harper had to say about it afterwards:
“I don’t think 40,000 people came to watch him ump tonight,” added Harper, after his fifth career ejection. “Plain and simple. Especially when we’re playing the Yankees. The Yankees are a good team, we’re a good team and we’re rolling. I don’t want to get tossed. There’s no reason for me to get tossed in that situation. I don’t think I did anything bad to get tossed. Maybe he just had a bad morning or he didn’t get his coffee.”

This is one of a few times I've been to a game where a player and a manager were ejected. And this seems rather suspect. I don't think the home plate umpire was calling strikes all that well. I saw the replay when I got home and it sure did look like a ball to me. But the expanded strike zone did, I think at least, helped the Nats win the game.

More on that and pictures to come.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Back to Nats Park

It's been almost a month since I've seen a game. Thank goodness I can get my fix tonight. They play the Yankees. 

They are a much different club than the one I saw a month ago. The team is doing very well. On track to being the team everyone tonight they would be. There are still a few hiccups now and then but the team seems to be able to over come them. And Bryce Harper is on fire. 

Tonight's line up. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Another Wonderful Morning Commute on Metro

Another day another track fire on Metro. Another day another hellish commute. Another day another single tracking situation. Another day another fail from Metro. Once again the complete inability of letting people know what is going on. Once again the complete inability of Metro to direct people on where they should go. Once again contradictory information on what is going on. Once again the inability to provide basic information to allow people to make a decision on what to do to be able to get to work.

Here’s the back ground of what happened this morning:

Trains on the Red Line are sharing a track Tuesday morning because of a reported problem on the tracks near the Friendship Heights stop. Riders should expect delays. Trains are bypassing the Bethesda stop.

The single-tracking of trains is between the Friendship Heights and Medical Center stops.

Fire crews were said to be responding to the Friendship Heights stop for a report of a fire on the tracks. No further details were immediately available. Metro Transit Police said in a Twitter message that units were on the scene and that the fire was between the two stations.

This was originally reported at 6:48 am. This was just a little after I got on a train at Rhode Island Avenue. The starting and stopping began at Farragut North. One of the big problems about finding out what was going on was the way the train operator made his announcements. Just about every time he started talking over the intercom there was some sort of announcement from Metro central control. So you ended up hearing both of these over the intercom and thus not hearing what either was saying. As I said this happened just about very time the operator made an announcement.

At each stop, we held on the platform for awhile. There was an announcement that the Bethesda station was open. We moved a few more stops and were told again the Bethesda station was open. But, and this was a big but, trains going north would not be stopping at the station. It sounded like shuttle buses would be available at Friendship Heights. Again really hard to hear what the guy was saying

Finally got to Friendship Heights. Was told again that the train would not be stopping at Bethesda. That shuttle buses were available at this Friendship Heights and the shuttle would take you to the Bethesda station. So I got off the train.

Here’s where the real fun began finding where to go to catch the shuttle bus. Metro provided absolutely no help with this at all. There was no announcement as to where to get the shuttle bus in the Friendship Heights station. There was no one on the platform telling riders where to go to get the shuttle bus. Seeing that there was no one to ask where to go, I went up the escalator to the level with the fair gates. Again no one actively letting people know where to get the shuttle bus. There was a Metro employee standing by the fare gates. If people came up to him he would answer their questions but only if someone came up to him. Rather than saying loudly people looking for shuttle buses need to go in this direction.

I went through the fare gate and up to the next level. It’s sort of the mezzanine. On this level there are four possible exits. One goes into hotel. One goes to the mall that's there. Then two actually end up going up to the street. Not a single person from Metro there to tell you where to go. Not a single sign telling you where to go. Nothing. There was a homeless person. He knew where people needed to go to catch the shuttle bus. I should have given him a dollar for that.

Up to the street level. No one right at the escalator entrance to tell people where to go to get the bus. They were a little further out. I have no idea why. Seems to me the thing to do would be to place a couple of Metro people right at the top the escalator to let people immediately known where to go to catch the shuttle bus. I said to one of them you might want to put someone the next level down to let people know which exit to use. I could tell by the expression on his face he had absolutely no interest in hearing what I had to say. None. And I’m sure he wasn’t going to tell anyone about it. He did at least point out where to get the shuttle bus.

A short walk to the shuttle bus. I again said to one of the Metro employees that they might think of putting someone down on the mezzanine level to let people know where to get the shuttle bus. Again I doubt anything was done. After all having someone down there showing people where to get the shuttle bus would actually help people. Why would Metro want to do that?

Once again a muffed response. Once again a farce. Once again a fail on the part of Metro. I realize things can happen. A disable train, a sick passenger, smoke or fire in a tunnel. But each time something happens Metro reacts to it as if it’s the first time something like that ever has happened. They are still unable to let riders known in a timely manner what is going. What steps have been taken to get people to their destinations. How hard would it have been to point out to people where the shuttle buses are?

To me the bottom line on this is pretty simple. It’s not that Metro can’t or is unable to let riders know what is going on, Metro simple doesn’t want to let riders know what is going on. They just don’t care period.

Snoopy's Reunion — Part I

Another very funny series from Peanuts. Here Snoopy decides it would be a great idea to have a reunion of the other dogs from the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm. Enjoy

Snoopy's Reunion — Part II

I understand how Snoopy feels. Sometimes you anticipate something so much that the actually event is a let down.

Monday, May 18, 2015

A Major Plumbing Problem — Not Mine Thankfully

First off I'm glad this didn't happen with my house.

My brother and sister-in-law had a major plumbing problem at their house. One of the main lines needed to be replaced. This it the line that goes out to the sewer.

What was strange about it was the line didn't go from the house to the street. It went from the back of the house to a major pipe by their back property line.

This of course meant more pipe and more digging and thus more money. What was remarkable about it was they were able to replace the pipe and get things back up and running in one day. Once it was inspected the trench, where the old pipe was dug up, was covered over and all finished up the next day.

Here are a few photos from the dig.

Here's the start of the trench at the back of the house. That's the pipe that goes into the house

The back hoe.

More of the trench that was dug

The piping that was pulled up. It really had seen better days.

A Major Plumbing Problem — Part II

A better idea of just where the back hoe was.

My dad and I went over to see how things were progressing in the early afternoon. The guys were obviously at lunch.

Two of my brother's grape vines had to be dug up in order to fix the pipe. One of them seems to be doing OK. The other one sounds like it might not make it.

The unfortunate grape vines.

More of the vines

I was surprised just how much dirt was dug up.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cats in the Window

One of the many things Charlie and Linus love to do is sit in by and window and look out to see the world outside.

When birds are present, there is the chatter that comes from their mouths. As if saying if it wasn't for this screen you would be mine pretty birdy.

Charlie gets especially worked up if I'm working out side. He sounds off rather loudly that he should be out there too. Linus just likes to watch.

Charlie scolding me for not letting him come out and play

Even the neighbor's cat caught some window time.

Selecting Your Language on the ATM

I went to an ATM this morning to get some cash. It's right by the Giant Foods. I think it is a Citibank. When the screen came up to select your language this is what was displayed. Besides English there were 14 other choices. I think I know most of them except for the ones that are characters.  I suppose this is some that's programed into all of the Citibank ATMs no matter where they are.

I have to assume the order might be different in different countries but the rest of the choices are probably the same.

Who knew there were so many possibilities to end up on one screen.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sleepy Saturday

I've been really tired today. I had a big long list of things that I was going to get done. I did a couple this morning. I went out and got flowers to put in my flowers boxes on the front porch. Did a load of laundry. Went to the store to pick some up a few things. Also stopped by the post office.

I came back from the store and post office and just collapsed on the couch. Not sure why I'm so tired but I am. So I decided to do a few small things at home. Tried to work on a post and a few other things on the computer. But it seems to be possessed this afternoon. I get the beach ball of death for just about everything I try to do. Restarted and it seems to be working a little better but not all that much.

So catching up on posts will have to wait and until my iMac decides to work the way it is supposed to. In the mean time here are a couple of strips from Peanuts to liven up a Sleepy Saturday.