Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Primary day it’s only a week away

Primary day it’s only a week away!!

Thank goodness the primary election is only a week away. It means all the political literature will stop and there will be no more knocking on my front door from campaigners. There is the general election in the fall but that really doesn’t matter all that much. The real fight is next week. After all if you’re a Democrat in DC all you need to do is win the primary. Because you have to face it you can count the number of Republicans in DC on one hand ok maybe two but I think I’m being generous there.

I’m going to vote for Adrian Fenty. I like many of his positions and I admire the fact that he was against the baseball stadium from the very start. I have to say I don’t have much use for Linda Cropp and the current mayor Mr. Williams endorsed her which as far as I was concerned was the kiss of death. I can hardly wait til bow-tie-guy is out of there. Maybe we can get someone in office who’s concerned about people who make less than six figures and doesn’t happen to have the last name of Barry.

I also like the fact that I’ve seen Fenty out and about in neighborhoods. I saw him when I was driving home from volunteering at Food and Friends last Thursday. I admire that he’s really trying to connect with people from all over the city. We need someone who’ll do that to make people feel connected to their government.

Tomorrow will be four weeks and counting until the big trip to New Zealand. I’m still doing research on where to go. The big question is can the South Island be worked into the trip or not.

I guess that’s a we’ll seeee.

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