Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Snow Hits

Well this time they weren't kidding. It really is a SNOW Storm. I'd hope to be on my way to Missouri but that's not in the cards today. At 2am I got an automated call from American saying my 8:25am flight had been canceled.

How bad is it? This from the Post:

A blizzard warning went into effect for the Washington region Saturday morning as snow continued falling faster than plows could clear it, and road officials pleaded for residents to stay home.

I took a measurement around 8am on my back steps. There was 8 inches. At 10am there was 10 inches. This is going to be one big storm. From what they say really heavy snow could last for the next 6 or more hours.

I have a flight out tomorrow afternoon at 4:45. I think by then the things should be back up and running.


Mike Licht said...

Where's your Global Warming now, Mr. Gore?


Jason in DC said...

With tongue firmly planted in cheek:

Well this just proves how much hot air those guys are spewing (no wonder they think there's global warming). Great post by the way and I couldn't agree more.