Wednesday, September 01, 2010

We Now Interrupt Your Vacation For a Quick Visit to the Doctor

I have poison ivy. I would say a pretty bad case of it too. It seems to be spreading all over the place. Actually it doesn't spread some places it just takes longer to develop. Also you can spread it around yourself if you touch things that the oil from the plant has settled on.

Anyway I got this from cleaning out my back yard which had turned into a jungle. All the rain we've had lately made it grow like crazy. And all the rain we've had lately prevented me from taking care of this. So last Thursday was the day. I spotted it and stopped doing anything in that are but it was already too late. I got a couple of spots underneath my chin. And many on my chest.

All the hot weather adds to the discomfort.

I called my doctor Tuesday morning and was able to get a 2:20 appointment. I was in and out quickly. I got a prescription for Prednisone. I've only taken two pills but can tell it is already working.

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