Saturday, November 05, 2016

The Cubs Win

Wow who'd have thought it.

I tried to stay up and watch the game but the rain delay did me in. I had no idea how long it would last. I also knew that if the Cubs won I would stay up and watch every last minute of the coverage. As it was I woke up at 4:30 and turned the TV to see what happened. Also MLB Network replayed the game later in the day. It was a condensed version of it; they got it down to two hours.

The final game certainly did have as much drama as possible. The Cubs go ahead. The Indians come back. David Ross hits an amazing home run. The game is tied in the 8th. Then there is a rain delay. Cubs come back out and win the game.

The joy these guys had when they won was just amazing. And the reaction of the fans back in Chicago was equally great. This is a story that transcended sports. The long long long times between wins 108 years. That says it all.

The best part of the post game celebration came when David Ross is interviewed. Before the interview is over Ross is lifted off his feet and put on the shoulders of his team mates and carried off the field.

As I kid growing up north of Chicago, I went to many Cub games. I remember vividly each year Ernie Banks would come up with a rhyme like the Cubs will shine in 69. All pointing to that year being the year the Cubs would finally win the World Series. It never happened.

I also distantly remember a going to a game over a Memorial Day weekend. The whole family was in town for a wedding. We decided to go to a game before Ed and Jennifer headed back home. I was leaving the next day. The day was cold very cold. So cold my dad went got out winter clothing for us to wear. It was a cold day with the wind coming off the lake. I think hot chocolate was the big seller. As I recall we finally decided we had had enough that is my mom, dad and myself. We were heading to the car. It was just too cold. The Cubs were up and I believe Andre Dawson got a hit and drove in the winning run.

One final note on the game: 

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