Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bill Nye at the March for Science

I really enjoyed this story in the Post on Bill Nye and his involvement in the March for Science:
Bill Nye the science guy was at the march. He spoke and marched right at the front. Here's a little from an article in the Post about him

“When you become scientifically literate, I claim, you become an environmentalist,” he said. “Somewhere along the way, there has developed this idea that if you believe something hard enough, it’s as true as things discovered through the process of science. And I will say that’s objectively wrong.”

It’s the day of the march, and he’s in a white van driving him and the other event leaders to the starting point, and the streets are lined with signs that say “Science, not Silence” and “Facts Matter,” and maybe he’s starting to get it a little bit more.

“Look! This is so, so freaking cool,” he says, pointing out the window.

“Look at all the people,” he says when he steps outside, and again when he takes his place behind the big “March for Science” banner and starts shuffling down Constitution Avenue beneath a steady rain.
We need more people like Nye to be the public face on this very important issue. Neil deGrasse Tyson is another person who can talk about the important issues on science as well.

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