Sunday, July 09, 2017

Not Diggin' the Dunkin'

There's a Dunkin' Donuts in the shops by the Rhode Island metro stop. That's very dangerous because I really like their double chocolate donuts. And you have to walk right past it going to and from the subway. A very high level of temptation for me.

Most of the time I can resist that temptation but on Friday I gave in to it.

I stopped off on my way home from the Folk Life Festival. There was of course a line. In fact there always seems to be a line at this place. The reason is there is never enough staff. So I'm waiting in line. There are three people in front of me.

First guy gets waited on. He thinks there some sort of a special on one of the drinks but that's only on Tuesday. So he doesn't want what he just ordered. Next guy up orders a donut and some coffee. I move up in line and I think I'm next. The counter guy says just one moment while he fills the coffee order. Then there is another interruption (I don' remember what it was). I'm told again that he'll be right with me. Someone walks into the store saying they have an on-line order. I'm told again that he'll be right with me. Or I can leave and I leave.

I thought three times I'm asked to wait that's one too many.

Saturday comes along and I decide I'll try again. It's a little after 8 when I arrive. This time the line is even longer. There are at least five people in front of me. At least this time there are two people behind the counter. But one of them seems to be filling up coffee makers and processing orders so they're not really helping to shrink the line.

A couple people order. Then from the back appears the manager. The other counter person asks if I want anything to drink. I say no. She goes on to the people behind me. They want a couple of waters. (I've noticed this at several places where the drinks order takes on more significance than the food order. I get it drinks are easy to fill and that helps move the line along. But it makes people who aren't ordering any drinks, like me, feel like they are being passed over in line.) The manager then proceeds to ring up the two waters. All the while I'm the next person in line waiting to be waited on.

I'm not sure what the manager was thinking. Was I going to be paying for someone else's water or that it was part of my order.

Finally I'm asked what my order is. I want two double chocolates. I get them. In all I've been in the store for close to ten minutes. I'm sorry that's just way too long. There was a line the counter person should have called the manager up to help out.

Bottom line not diggin' the Dunkin'. I'm thinking I won't be stopping there again.

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