Monday, December 17, 2007

Back to Afghanistan

There's a story in today's Post about the rising concern in the Bush administration over Afghanistan. Seems the Taliban is making a come back and there is pressure to move resources form Iraq to Afghanistan.

From the story:

Administration officials say the White House has become more concerned in recent months about the situation in Afghanistan, where grinding poverty, rampant corruption, poor infrastructure and the growing challenge from the Taliban are hindering U.S. stabilization efforts. Senior administration officials now believe Afghanistan may pose a greater longer-term challenge than Iraq.

and this:
A new White House emphasis on Afghanistan would probably expose Bush to even more criticism from Democrats, who have long accused him of taking his eye off the hunt for Osama bin Laden with the invasion of Iraq.
The moral to the story seems to be to pursue one war at a time and make sure you win it before heading on to the next.

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