Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Final Training Session With Randy

Today was my final session with Randy my trainer. It was rather bitter sweet.

Nine months ago today I had my first training session with Randy. We did a fitness assessment so that's what we did today.

I posted some really impressive numbers here they are (you have to scroll down Blogger doesn't seem to like the table I used):

Shoulders43 inches 43.5 inches
Chest38 inches 37 inches
Waist37 inches 35.5 inches
Hips41 inches 40 inches
Thigh (R)19 inches 20 inches
Thigh (L)20 inches 21 inches
Bicep (L)12.5 inches 13 inches
Bicep (R)12.5 inches 13 inches

I will say again that you can now see muscles in my arms where there were none before. I'm wearing clothes that had been too big. My 36 inch waist jeans are now too big. My belts are running out of holes and not because my waist is too big.

My body fat went from 26.4% to 23.7%
My lean weight went from 128.8 to 131.4
My fat weight went from 46.2 to 40.8. I lost 5.4 pounds of fat from my body!

My cardiovascular endurance. Here's the test you're on a treadmill for 5 minutes at a speed of 4 miles an hour. My heart rate in January was 174. My heart rate today 151. That's a difference of 23 beats per minute. That means if I was on the tread mill for 30 minutes today my heart would beat 690 fewer times then would have 9 months ago. It shows the muscle, my heart, is getting stronger.

Muscular endurance. There are two exercises associated with this. How many sit ups in this case it was crunches could you do in a minute. In January I could do 35 which put me in the 49 percentile for my age. Today I did 51 which put me in the 65 percentile. Next test how many push ups in a minute. In January I did 19 push ups putting me in the 40 percentile. Today I did 53 push ups putting me in the 98 percentile.

The only thing I didn't improve greatly on was my flexibility. Randy said he should have worked harder on that. I said we both should have worked harder on it. I knew it was a problem going in and I should have been doing more about it between our sessions but didn't. So I can't fault Randy for that one at all.

If I do say so myself I rocked. I was very pleased with what I'd accomplished. Randy was too.

Once again a great big thanks goes out to Randy for pushing me every work out. I enjoyed each and every session. Sometimes I thought I was not going to make to the end but I did each time. Randy kept pushing me. I'm probably in the best shape of my life. And I don't think that's an overstatement. I know I haven't weighed this little in over ten years.

So I'm going to say thanks again to my friend Randy for all he helped me accomplished.

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