Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Presidential Election

So slowly but surely Obama is moving ahead of McCain. That's very good news if the election were held today but the election is in three weeks and a great deal can happen between now and then. Still I'm cautiously optimistic.

The main stream media continues to show national polls that put Obama ahead. In one Obama had like 53% to McCain's 39%. I know I'm not always all that good at math but somehow that doesn't add up to 100%. I guess the remaining 8% are undecided. I'm guessing at that because in all the stories on the poll that little fact isn't mentioned.

In the much more important electoral college race, Obama is way ahead. If you go to Real Clear Politics, they have a map of the US on their main page. It shows Obama ahead in electoral votes. It divides states into red, blue and gray. Then further refines things by showing states that are solid for each candidate and those leaning toward each candidate. The gray states are true toss up states. You can find the map here.

It is interesting that in the past few days McCain/Palin have been in Virginia, North Carolina and Indiana. These are normally red states so it shows they are in places that should have already been in their column.

Once again I'm optimistic but . . .

Finally, I stumbled on an interesting video about Palin.

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