Monday, July 27, 2009

Odds and Ends

After the Century

By Friday evening, when I’d joined a friend for deep dish pizza at Armands, my legs and knees were starting to bother me. I went home and rested some more. When I went to bed I was still feeling it in my legs. The next morning I woke and decided to take a try at the spinning class at Results. It’s an hour long. I figured if I had too much pain I would just stop.

It turns out I didn’t have any problems with the class. A couple of times I had some pain but nothing else. I think going to the class helped with any potential stiffness from the century. I haven’t had any problems since then.

I will say that through most of Friday and Saturday I was constantly hungry. I ate a meal and in a hour or so I'd fell hungry again. I decided since I'd ridden 100 miles I would indulge myself a little. I didn't eat all bad stuff but I had pizza twice and a burger on Saturday along with some fries. But I figure you gotta eat.

Once again I'm very please with what I accomplished on Friday. I might try and do another one in August. This time I'm going to buy a light so I can scare away the monster on the bridge.

Sunday Paper

I remember not too long ago looking forward to going through the Sunday paper. There were always all sorts of interesting stories in the front section or the arts or sports. Stories that in the course of an ordinary week would not be covered. The start of some investigative series that would continue on during the course of the week. I also looked forward going through the TV section to see what was going to be on for the week.

Now with the cut backs the Post has done the Sunday paper is a pale imitation of what it once was. I hardly watch any TV any more so there one less reason to get the paper. I can use the guide from DirecTV to get even more information then in the TV listing. There are some weeks when I barely even look at it. I guess I’m still getting it from force of habit.

The AC has yet to be turned on

DC is finally getting real summer like weather. I've yet to turn on my central air conditioning. I've used the window unit in my bedroom three times so far this year. My goal is to try and not turn on the central air until August. It might be a stretch but I'm really going to try.

The cool weather has been great for the electric bill. The bill from July of last year I used 680 kilowatts. This July I used only 329 kilowatts. It will be interesting to see what August will bring.

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