Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Palin Exits?!

What to say about this one. I've read a great deal about this event and this quote seems to fit pretty well:

“The way she decided to exit from state politics was surprising, but everybody knew she had essentially checked out a year ago,” said Les Gara, a Democratic state representative who partnered with Palin on issues of tax reform and energy before the campaign but is now a political opponent.

There's link after link on this story. Here's the main story from the Washington Post. Here's a story from Sunday. A column by Ruth Marcus. There are of course scores of other articles as well. Many many many columns from the pundits. Some on the right saying it was a brilliant move this positions her for 2012.

To me here's the bottom line. Sarah Palin quit. Plain and simply. Some people said some not so nice things about her and her family so she quit. There were some ethics investigations (rightly or wrongly) so she quit. There were going to have to be some hard decisions because of the down turn in the economy so instead of making them she quit. She didn't get all the legislation passed she wanted so she quit. She didn't like the "politics of personal destruction" so she quit.

I could go on but I think you get my point. Wait a minute let me say it again: the bottom line is she quit.

As far as I'm concerned this act makes her completely unqualified to be president.

President Obama has had some tough going and people have said some not so nice things about him and his family. But I don't see him quiting. He's working harder.

When push comes to shove Sarah Palin folds her tent and steals away into the night ie
SHE QUITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mike Licht said...

For Sarah Palin so loves Alaska that she's sacrificing her valuable TITLE.



Anonymous said...

We had a president who was stupid. Then everything went bad. Let's elect another stupid person as president!