Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Crash in the Night

Last night at around 3:30 am, so I guess that's yesterday morning, there was a huge crash at my house. It set off the alarm system. Needless to say it woke me up.

I went downstairs with my heart pounding not knowing what had happened. Did someone try and break into my house? If so did they get scared away?

The crash was very loud so I figured, if someone was trying to break in, they were doing it at the front of the house. Both windows in front were fine. They I thought perhaps Same had caused one of the window shades to fall. There'd been a cat on a neighbors porch that he was none to pleased about. But the shades were fine.

I then looked to see if the door to the basement was closed. It was. I then looked out the back window in the dinning room to see if the motion detector lamp that's on the garage had come on. That was off.

I was at a loss until I looked at the dinning room table. There in broken pieces was the cover to the dinning room light fixture. This is one of those old very heavy glass covers. It had fallen and shattered. I can't exactly say glass was everywhere but there was a great deal of it scattered around.

Thankfully most of it seemed to be in big pieces. I went down the basement and put on a pair of rubber gloves. I got out a garbage bag and started putting the pieces in it. That proved not to be the best idea since the glass just tore the bag. I looked around for something that was a little more sturdy. I happened upon the tote bag that had been given out for Crafty Bastards on Saturday. I used that.

I got most of the big pieces up and then I got out the vacuum. I vacuumed for the next half hour or so. I carefully moved the things off the one side of dinning room table where the cover had landed. I vacuumed the table. I then went around the vacuumed the floor.

Around 4:30 I was done. I then took the tote bag of glass which I'd since dumped into another garbage bag out.

My new digital camera had taken a hit. The battery cover had been knocked off. I put that back into place and turned on the camera. It seemed to work. I had to reenter the date information. Other than that it seemed to work fine. Seemed to being the operative word. When I got home from work I tried to actually take a picture. Unfortunately, the shutter release button doesn't work. I can press it down but nothing happens. I'm going to take into a camera store today and see if they can figure a way to make it work. But I have my doubts. Rather sad. I'd only had it for six weeks.

So because of that excitement, I'm way behind on my posts but I'll try and catch up. I was able during the course of cleaning to post the U2 photos from the concert my friend went to. I figured I'm up at 4 in the morning vacuuming glass I can at least do something productive after the crash in the night.

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