Monday, November 02, 2009

A Spinning Update

Good news on the spinning front. I made it to my class on Saturday. Michelle was there. Instead of just being the sub for one more week, she is now taking over the class. I couldn’t be more happy about this. Saturday morning are back to normal.

Speaking of Saturday the class was a little different. Usually in spinning classes there are more women then men. Usually if you have a class of ten you might at the very most get 3 or 4 guys. On Saturday at the start of the class, there were 6 men and no women. In the end there were 11 of us (people were late it is after all Saturday at 9 am). Five women ended up joing the class once it started. Although one only stayed for half of the class.

I asked my trainer, Ed, why women seemed to be in more of the classed offered by gyms then men. He said the reason was that women know how to do cardio but don’t know all that much about the machines and even less about free weights. He wasn’t saying it as any sort of a put down but that’s sort of the way things work at the gym. He said women should be doing more with machines and free weights to help them out with their bones and posture.

One other bit of training/exercising/weight news and I was below 175 on Saturday morning. The weight is ever ever so slowly moving in the right direction. The goal of course is to have a weight ceiling of 175 pounds and a weight floor of 170.

Like I said slowly getting there!

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