Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Suit Shopping

I need a new suit. I discovered this when I was going to see Christine Ebersole at the Kennedy Center. The pants to the suit didn’t exactly fit. They were just a little too small in the waist and as well as in the thighs. The jacket still fit. But I couldn’t figure out a good match with the pants that I have.

I went through all the other jackets that I have. Most don’t fit. Some are a little tight around the waist but most were too small in the chest. So I’m pleased about that.

The hunt has now begun for a new suit.

I went to Macy’s at Tyson’s Corner on Saturday. In less than ten minutes I was asked if I needed help by no fewer than 4 people. I almost left after the last guy asked. But they were having a sale and the prices were pretty good so I decided to take a look.

The first thing I ruled out were suits with three buttons. I really don’t like the way they look in general and I really don’t like the way they look on me. I was hoping to maybe find a double breasted one but no such luck.

I did find several styles that I really liked. So I tried some on. Here’s what I found out.

In the coat a 40 regular is just a little too small while a 42 regular is just a little too big.

In waists on pants the 34 inch is just a little too small (it would be fine if I didn’t have to sit down) and the 36 inch is just a little too big.

On pants inseam the 30 inch is too short and the 32 inch is too long.

What I figured out from this exercise was I need a 41 regular coat with a 35 inch waist and a 31 inch inseam. There’s a snow ball chance in hell that I’m finding something like that.

I will continue my quest. I’m thinking of going to Men’s warehouse over the weekend. They have a buy one get one free sale.

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