Monday, April 02, 2012

The Different Levels of Dawn

I’ve noticed this the last couple of days when I’ve been out walking in the morning. It is early in the morning. The sun is along way to rising. This morning I was out walking a few minutes after 5 am. I’m putting in steps for the program at work. (My big toe has finally recovered. I went back to spinning this past week. It also looks like reaching my goal of 1 million steps is still very possible. This is in part because from Friday to Sunday I walked 133,334 step part of this was from spinning and riding my bike. But that still counts.)

I walk down to the track that is at Turkey Thicket Recreation Center. The track around the baseball fields is black asphalt. At night and early in the morning, it is very dark. You really have to watch your step that is when you first get to the track. I arrived just about 5:30 this morning. It was completely dark. I had to look down most of the way around the track except when I got near the street lights. But ever do gradually it began to get lighter. I guess a way to put it better was less dark since the increase in the light was ever so noticeable.

I was keeping track time of the laps I was doing. I also thought it would help for me to pinpoint the time when things changed from being black to when it began to get just a little lighter. It actually did help. There wasn’t an exact point when you could go “yes, it is brighter” but from one lap to the next you could see the change.

Then the next level of dawn was when it actually “breaks”. Then there is a very rapid and very obvious change in the amount of light you can see. It was a glorious morning today.

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