Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blast From the Past

Someone at work gave me these two buttons a couple of days ago. He grew up around Chicago just like I did. He thinks in all likelihood they are from the 60s.

Channel 11 is the local public TV station in Chicago. Weiboldt's was a local department store. If you do a Google search on Weiboldt's one of the results is for Lakehurst Mall. It was the first big mall around where I lived. It actually wasn't all that close but it was a big deal when it opened in 1971. There's actually a Lakehurst Mall page you can go to.

Lakehurst lasted until around 2001. At that time only a few stores remained. Finally only Carson Pirie Scott was left. It closed in early 2004 and the Mall was demolished a little while after. I can remember many a trip there as a teenager.

Truly a blast from the past.

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