Monday, November 19, 2012

Olivia Newton John at Strathmore

On Friday I saw Olivia Newton John at Strathmore.

I went early so I could eat there. I had a very nice piece of salmon along with rice and potatoes. A little high on the starch but I have to say I didn't care for the vegetable.

Strathmore is an incredible venue in Bethesda Maryland. A little more about it:

Located one-half mile outside the Capital Beltway in North Bethesda, Maryland, Strathmore provides affordable, accessible, multi-disciplinary arts programming in the Mansion at Strathmore, the Music Center at Strathmore, and on its scenic 11-acre site.

Founded and operated since 1981 by the Strathmore Hall Foundation, Inc., an independent, 501(c)(3) organization, the arts center presents a lively and diverse program of art exhibitions, concerts and performing arts programs, and literary lectures and events.

High quality arts programming, designed for audiences of many tastes, served with the hospitality and warmth of a family enterprise, are the hallmarks of Strathmore. Seasonal outdoor events seek to be inclusive in their programming appeal, reaching out to people of all ages, interests and cultural heritage.

But back to the concert. Turns out one of the guys I volunteer with at Food and Friends was going too. I ran into him when he was coming into the hall. Later I waved up to him at his seat.

My seat was great. Just about dead center about 2/3 of the way back on the orchestra level. There really isn't a bad seat in the entire place. The concert was just great and I had just a wonderful time. I had my phone and was planning on taking a couple of pictures and maybe recording a song or two but the I decided to just sit back and enjoy. And enjoy I certainly did.

Here's a list of the songs she did:

Have You Ever Been Mellow?
A Little More Love
If Not For You/Let Me Be There/Please, Mister, Please/Take Me Home, Country Roads/Jolene/If You Love Me Let Me Know
Let’s Get Physical
Suspended In Time/Shaking You
Not Gonna Give Into It
You’re the One That I Want
Hopelessly Devoted to You
Summer Nights
We Go Together

Grace and Gratitude
I Honestly Love You

Here's one of my favorite songs that she did. I found this clip on YouTube. In fact I found the entire concert there so it turns out I didn't need to record any of it after all. I watched a large part of it on Saturday night. Again just fantastic. Below is one of my favorite songs that she does.

One more quick note. The last time I saw Olivia Newton John was when she was in the middle of her Physical tour and that was 30 years ago.

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