Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Linus Loves His Ice

Linus loves his plate of ice.

There's a little back ground about this story. I got these great ice trays for a Christmas present a few years back. They are designed so the cubes can easily fit into a water bottle. The cubes are long and narrow as you can see below.

One day while I was getting ready to go spinning and getting my water bottle all set up, I noticed that Linus liked to lick the pieces of ice that had fallen on the floor while I was filling up the bottle.

One day I emptied the trays onto a plate. What I didn't use I put on the floor to see what would happen. The first time not all that much. Linus just looked at it. But the second time he spent a good half an hour happily licking away at the ice. Now every time I open the freezer Linus is there hoping to get some ice.

Here's he is enjoying a recent plate of ice.

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