Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nationals Fail to Support Zimmermann

Lower scoring game. Very winnable. Nationals loose. My post on the low scoring games the Nationals' play and seem unable to win happens again with this loss.

Once again the team couldn't seem to score with two outs. Really good teams are able to do that. It also didn't help to have Bryce Harper have this type of at bat:

With the count 3-0, Knorr gave Harper the green light to swing. “Lefty-on-lefty, it might be one of the best pitches he’s gonna get right there,” Knorr said.

Rice threw an inside fastball, right on the borderline between strike and ball. “I thought I got a pitch that I could really handle,” Harper said. He took an aggressive hack but foul-tipped the ball at the catcher’s feet.

Harper bounced Rice’s 3-1 fastball to second. He put his head down, tossed his bat and trotted to first base. When Murphy bobbled the ball, Harper had only reached about a third of the way to first.

“He’s pretty good over there so, in that situation I think he makes that play every single day, so,” Harper said. “I guess I’ll learn from it.”

There were two solo home runs for the Nats. One by Wilson Ramos in the third inning and the other by Steve Lombardozzi in the eighth.

Jordan pitched a hell of a game. Only one really bad pitch in the fourth which yielded a home run. Otherwise he was just about perfect. Got into several jams and then promptly got out of them. I have to say he is really a joy to watch. After the home run he just got back to work. 

I guess you can say this is another one that got away.

On the bright side there was a free t-shirt and fireworks.

Jordan Zimmermann warming up before the start of the game

Wilson Ramos crossing home plate on his solo home run.

Steve Lombardozzi

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