Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Heavens Open Up — Twice

Two huge storms have come through DC in the past two days.

Monday the storm struck on my ride home from work. The skies had darkened as I was walking to the Metro from work. As the train moved above ground after Union Station, the rain hit. It was coming down really hard. When the train reached the NOMA station and opened its doors everyone by the doors got soaked. The rain was coming down sideways and that's why people got wet.

 I had to wait at the Rhode Island Avenue stop for about 10 minutes until the rain abated.

Here are a couple of pictures from my wait at Rhode Island Avenue.

The second day of storms started yesterday afternoon. These were earlier in the afternoon then the ones from Monday. There were a couple of waves of these storms that lasted until evening. But the worst of it came down around 2 or so.

Here's what the storm looked like from out an window at my office.

The one plus of these storms is that the heat and humidity has finally broken.

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