Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weather of the Fantastical Kind

That is the only way you can describe these past few days in Washington, DC — Fantastical. Well maybe amazingly fantastical. Better yet unbelievably amazingly fantastical.

Why you may ask. Look at the image below.

That's the temperature from yesterday morning. That's not the relative humidity; that's the actual temperature.

DC has had three glorious days that felt like the spring we didn't get this year. Now today the humidity and temperature have moved up some but still it is not bad out.

But the last three days. Bright and sunny with a little wind. Actually Tuesday had more than just a little wind. I was waiting in line to buy lunch at a food truck and a couple people in line said it was almost cold. How often do you ever get to say that in DC at the end of July. Like never.

Like I said the temperature and humidity are creeping up. But in the next ten days most of them are below the normal temperature. But that's in a few days.

For right now I'm just going to enjoy what has been just fantastical weather!

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