Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Get Out and Vote!

Maybe it should be more like this: Get out and vote? Does it really matter? Yes, I’ve sort of reached that point. Well not entirely.

I did vote and I voted early. I went Saturday to the Turkey Thicket Rec Center. I had to go past all sorts of people wanting to hand out flyers for their candidate. I very nicely said no to all of them.

Once inside the center I went to the main gym to vote. I think there were more workers then people voting. But then again it around 4:30 when I headed down. There was a very slow trickle of people coming in over the time it took me to vote.

And it took me awhile to vote. I had a hard time figuring out who I should vote for for mayor. I had a long internal talk with myself as I was walking to the poling place. The choices Muriel E. Bowser and David A. Catania. I have problems with both of them. I voted for Bowser in the primary because I could not stand Vincent Gray. The problem I have with Bowser is her inexperience. She reminds me of Adrian Fenty in that respect and his term in office did not turn out very well. The problem I have with Catania is he can rather contentious when dealing with people. There are also times he comes off very pompous and condescending. Two qualities that aren’t very good for any politician to have.

I stood for several minutes mulling over what I was going to do. I finally made a decision and voted. I’m not over joyed with who I voted for but am hoping for the best.

In general that last year or so I’ve been rather disappointed with the way things are going politically in this country. I’ve had fewer and fewer posts about politics in general to the blog.

I’m going to do a little more mulling on this just like voting for mayor and try and come up with a post about where my mind is in regards to politics in this country.

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