Sunday, November 30, 2014

Honoring Miriam — A Trip to the National Gallery

It's been eleven years today since my mom, Miriam, passed away. This time of year is always hard. But this year was just a little harder because the date and day matched from eleven years ago. It seems like a long time and in other ways it seems like a very short time.

Each year I go down to the National Gallery of Art. It was her favorite museum in Washington. She loved the impressionists. We would always spend extra time in them. She particular liked two works by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. They were the Girl with a Hoop and Girl With a Watering Can. But she loved all of the impressionists.

Each year I go down and see them.

The other thing I do is go to the Gallery cafeteria and get some chocolate pudding. I then sit as close to the waterfall and eat my pudding and think of my mom.

The pudding story I've told before but here it is again. Back in the day my mom would make chocolate pudding for dessert. Now this was not instant pudding but the kind you had to really make and cook on the stove. Once mom was done making it she would put it in the refrigerator to cool down. Now it was important to cover the pudding sot it would not get that hard gross layer on top of it. To prevent this from happening, she would cover the pudding with wax paper (yes wax paper which tells you how long ago it was). The big thing in our house was who would get to lick the pudding off the wax paper once the paper was pulled off the pudding. That's the reason for the chocolate pudding.

It's just my way of remembering her.

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