Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Everything is Awesome in the Lego Batman Movie

Yes I borrowed the name of the song from the first Lego Movie. But it really does apply to this one too.

Before the review a little about how I get to see the 3D version of the movie for the regular price. The first 3D show time was at 10:15 on Saturday at Gallery Place. I got there a little more than half an hour early. The box office for the theaters is in the lobby of the mall. The theaters are two stories up. The doors into the mall must not open until 10 because the security guard had to open the door for people.

I got in line, actually I was the first person in line, I asked for one for the Lego Batman Movie at 10:15. He had a little problem with his computer. Then he said I had enough points on my Regal card to get in for free. Then he said sorry that wasn’t right because it was a new movie.

I get my ticket and go upstairs. I give my ticket to the ticket taker. She points out where my theater is. But she didn’t say anything about getting the 3D glasses. I pick them up by myself. I got my snowcaps. Then walked around and looked at the posters. Decided to go into the theater and went to it and said it was an 11:30 show. I looked at my ticket and sure enough it said 11:30. Well I’d wanted to see 10:15 in 3D and that’s what I did.

The movie itself is great.

Here are a few of the highlights:

When people are firing their guns at each other they make the sound of the gun going off. Just like you did when you were a kid.

The dialog between the Joker and Batman is like they are in a relationship. The Joker wants Batman to admit that he hates the Joker the most. But Batman refuses to. Batman says I hardly ever think of you.

Batman is afraid to be part of a family because of what happened to his parents. That's why he's never close to anyone. It's an underling theme of the movie and is done very well.

Batman goes to Superman's fortress of solitude to phantom zone gun to send the Joker there. Batman thinks Superman will be all by himself. Instead all of the Justice League is there having a party.

Alfred recites all of the different versions of Batman including that weird one in the 60s.

Telling Robin when they attack the bad guys words will appear on the screen.

There are many other cultural references so you need to really pay attention.

From one of the reviews:
Like a miniature universe made entirely of millions of tiny plastic bricks, “The Lego Batman Movie” looks and feels like it could only have been put together by a roomful of mad geniuses, moving in a ballet of well-choreographed creativity: It’s simultaneously epic and humble.

From the pew-pew-pew that accompanies the animated movie’s make-believe gunfire — the same serviceable but phony-as-heck sound effect that your 6-year-old might use when firing his (or her) finger at bad guys — to the roster of deliriously ecumenical villains recruited from every corner of pop-culture literature for this clever mash-up of comic books and construction toys, the new animated film is the definition of fantastic.
 Everything is Awesome in the Lego Batman Movie!

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