Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Total Chaos that is Total Political Chaos

Hard to believe Trump has only been president for like ten days.

As a quick aside it’s taken me a long to time to get back to blogging about politics. I got really turned off by the tenor of politics and this was even before Trump. And really mad at the Republicans. My regard for them continues to drop. I didn’t think it could get any lower but it continues to sink even lower. Especially regarding Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. There was  a great post on Facebook saying scientist marvel how the two of them can stand upright without spines. But as long as they have power they don’t really care what Trump does. They will be as bendable and pliable as possible so long as their “agenda” has a chance to pass. Ryan’s position on the immigration ban is exhibit one. More on that in another post

So I’m going to start out slowly with the political posts. Don’t want to OD on it.

I’m going to start with the inauguration. The one with the largest audience ever. This and the I really won the popular vote just show what an amazingly self-centered egotistical narcissist person Trump really is. From the photographs it was obvious Obama’s first in inauguration had more people. No matter what alternative facts they presented (alternative facts or as I call them and everyone else calls them lies).

But there’s an easier explanation for the reason Trump didn’t have a larger crowd than Obama. That’s the demographics of the region. Put simply the ceremony is in Washington, DC where 94 percent of the people voted for Clinton. So you’re not going to get a large turnout of DC residents going to the ceremony. The same can be said of Maryland. Heavily democratic. The northern Virginia suburbs the same way.

Thus Democrats have a built in advantage for an audience to begin with. Throw in the minor thing of the first African American to sworn in as president and the crowd was going to be huge.

So Trump was upset about not have the largest number of spectators ever. So to stroke his ego he came up with the lie that the reason he lost the popular vote was because 3-5 million people voted illegally and of course they all voted for Clinton.

This is fantasy land on so many levels. First there has never been found to be any major voting fraud ever. Every study ever done comes to the same conclusion. Now there are problems with voter roles. People not being properly removed from them. But again never in any of these studies did it show fraud.

Because of Trump’s incredibly fragile ego because he cannot imagine never not being the most popular or winning everything, he calls into question the entire electoral process. What’s even more amazing about it is he WON the election.

One of the first moves to tyranny is to make people believe the election process is rigged. That it doesn’t accurately reflect the will of the people. And since a large part of his supporters will believe this BS (and because Republicans only tepidly call into question Trump’s conclusions), they will start to doubt the legitimacy of elections. As in the case when a Democrat wins an election.

How sad and frightening that Trump’s massive insecurities are putting this country at risk.

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