Saturday, February 24, 2007

Star Wars

I just finished watching Star Wars on HBO. Well actually it was on HBOHD. It was impressive most impressive.

The opening scene has to be one of the most memorable in any movie. I remember seeing it and being just blown away by it. I saw Star Wars many many times over the summer it opened.

May 25 will be the 30th anniversary of Star Wars opening. I remember seeing it the first day it opened and first show no less. I also remember that there was almost no one in the theater. I went back to the theater that night and the line wrapped around and around and around. In fact when I came out to DC to go to George Washington University, it was playing at the Uptown theater. I think it played there a year. Movies just don’t do that any more. Sometimes you’re lucky if a movie plays for a month.

It is amazing to think that in its original limited release it was only in 43 theaters. And the most theaters it ever played in was 1,750. (Today films open in almost twice that number of theaters.) This one movie changed the movie industry. Summers became the time for blockbusters.

No matter how many times I see it; it still gives me chills.

May the force be with you . . . always.


Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Edens Plaza Theater, now torn down. I'm sure I still have the ticket stub somewhere. Sigh! Could it really have been so long ago and far, far away?

Jason in DC said...

Yes the theater with that weird roof. I couldn't remember the exact name.

Yes in May it will be that long ago.