Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Camera

I was going out on Thanksgiving to take pictures with my digital camera. I got the low battery signal which essential means the batteries are about to die.

I went back into my house and changed the batteries. I turned the camera back on and the LCD screen was black. The icons for operating the camera were there but there was no picture on the screen. I got out the manual and looked through it but there's nothing on a blank screen. I went to the Canon website. I found some information on what to do. I should reset the display. If that doesn't work then I might need to send the camera in for service.

I decide on Friday I'll go to a camera store and see if they can help me. I don't hold out much hope. I figure if it has to be sent in I might as well buy a new camera. Friday I go to the camera store and the sales woman looks at the camera. She checks to make sure the battery connections are ok and then says it needs to go into the shop. I add that it makes more sense to buy a new camera. She agrees.

I'm not yet ready to buy one. I want to talk to my brother and sister-in-law because they just bought a Canon digital camera. Also I have to get new shoes. I end up spending $130 on the new shoes. I then meet my friend Tom for lunch. We have a really great lunch at Zorba's which is right above DuPont Circle.

Saturday I head back to the camera store. I decide on getting the Canon Powershot A560. It is not the same as my brother and sister-in-law got. They got the step higher but I figure this one will do just fine. I get another memory card because the one that came with the camera was way too small. All total it is around $200. I said the to the sales woman that the memory card costs at much as a camera used to. She agreed. She said that's what happens with technology.

If you bought the camera it came with a freebie of a new winter coat. Yes, that's the incentive to come and buy the camera a new coat. It is actually very nice. It is also very warm. I wore it when I went out and took pictures yesterday.

I like the new camera. The view finder is larger than my last one. Also downloading pictures to my computer is much faster than the old one. I'm looking forward to exploring all the features that it has.


Anonymous said...

are you serious about the winter coat?

Jason in DC said...

Yes, I am serious about the coat. It is very nice. It was very warm when I went out walking on Saturday in all the cold and wind.