Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Physical Therapy

I’m having physical therapy on my left ankle/foot. I’ve been having pain in it on and off for the past few months. It is not extremely painful but is a nuisance. Walking down stairs is a bitch; it really hurts then.

Today at 7:30 am I had my first appointment. I had to get there early fill out all the paper work and there was a lot of paper work. I went through when I did an didn’t have pain. My regular doctor and I decided that nothing was broken because I’d be in much more pain. Also when you touch the ankle I don’t feel any pain until you really press down on it. At that point I think you’d feel discomfort whether you had any problems or not. So here’s the info on when it hurts and when my ankle doesn’t hurt. I can go for a long walk or workout. Sometimes it will hurt after doing those two things and sometimes it won’t hurt at all. I also tried to keep track of the type of weather that was happening when my ankle hurt. There wasn’t any sort of a pattern with that. Sometimes when it was cold and damp out it would hurt more. But then again there was a bright sunny day when every time I moved there was discomfort.

I learned that your big toe has one muscle going to it. Then you next two toes have one muscle and your final two toes have one muscle too. That’s your anatomy lesson for today.

So the muscle going to my big toe is stretched and that’s part of the reason I’m having problems with my ankle. Also it was determined that my hip is tight and that is contributing to the ankle situation too. So I need to loosen up these areas and the pain in my ankle should get better. I was put through several exercises and given more exercises to do on my own. I’m supposed to do them twice a day.

I have to say after the first session my ankle feels so much better. I hope it continues to improve.

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