Friday, May 16, 2008

The Air Blows Cold

They came and they fixed my air conditioner. Well actually they didn't find anything wrong with it. They seemed to think it was shutting off because the filter was too dirty.

They didn't arrive until about 4:30. The decided the best place to put the ladder up would be in the back. In the front of the house there are wires coming from the street. The ladder was aluminum so they thought it would be best to do it in the back. I'm very glad I suggested the 40 foot ladder otherwise they would not have been up on the roof at all. It took a little while for them to get up there but then up they went.

They told me turn on the air conditioner so they could check it. It ran the most of the time they were here. I'd say easily 30 or more minutes. It did not shut down once. I was told everything looked good. The freon was exactly where it was supposed to be and it was operating great.

They suggested changing the filter at least once a month.

So alls well that ends well as they say. I'm all ready for summer.

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Arthur Schenck said...

That sounds much cheaper than you feared it could be. But it's a good idea to get them checked out from time to time. We had ours checked out, and they special ordered a filter for us (custom made), because the system didn't have one. Ours is washable. Do they have those for your system? It's more work, but should be cheaper in the long run.