Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Learning as We Go

This from our president on Iraq. A couple of stories on his speech at the Air Force Academy. From USA Today and the Post.

Here's the quote I was referring to:

Today, we're helping emerging democracies rebuild under fire from terrorist networks and state sponsors of terror. This is a difficult and unprecedented task -- and we're learning as we go.

I think the point that should be added is the Bush administration is learning as it is going. I think it needs a remedial course because it is so far behind the curve it is pathetic.

Bush goes on:

we learned from hard experience that newly liberated people cannot make political and economic progress unless they first have some measure of security.

Gosh I don't know it seems to me a pretty easy concept to grasp. Something people have been saying for a very long time but that the Bush administration would not listen to. The need for more troops to secure the country. But oh no we can't do that. We have to learn the hard way. Yeah like getting hit over the head by a 2 by 4.

And once again the age old axium of the Bush administration we have to have patient.

I think it is easy to say we ran out of patient with these learning challenged guys a long time ago.

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