Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Really BAD Customer Service

I'd like to say I'm still waiting for the air conditioner people from Petro (that's the name of the company) to show up because that would actually be good news.

A little before 1 pm I get a call from the dispatcher from Petro. She's asking about the need for the ladder. You can only gain access to the roof by a ladder. There's a reason for that but that's a story for another time. Anyway she says they don't have ladders that are that long and they won't be able to do the job. I said I specifically described the situation and that a ladder was needed to do the work. I got a gee sorry we can't do the job.

I ask if they might know someone to recommend who could do the job. She says she'll call me back. She does and the best advice to give me is go through the Yellow Pages and see if someone could do it. I felt like saying I could have done that and saved the time I wasted coming home from work early. Here's the thing that gets me really pissed. I called on Tuesday to reconfirm the appointment and the issue of the ladder. I was told not to worry. Guess I should have. This falls under the why should something be simple when it can be hard category.

So I got out the trusty Yellow Pages and started looking. I found a place that was in DC and called. They have trucks with a 25 foot ladder. I've got an appointment for Monday between 2-4. I'm having second thoughts on the ladder length. These new people have a 40 foot ladder but that requires two people to handle it because of the weight. I may call them back tomorrow and suggest the 40 foot ladder. Because I sure as hell don't want to have to make another appointment.

At least the day was nice out. I did some gardening. Sam and I went outside a couple of times. I used the time to catch up on some magazines. I did a little cleaning. I got Beowulf in the mail from Netflix so I watched that this afternoon too. It was a damn weird movie.

One remaining issue with Petro is that I owed them some money from an oil fill up in March. You can read my post about waiting on that day. (At least the guy showed up and could do the job.) I over paid them because I had the money and I foolish thought they would be able to take care of the air conditioner. Now I have to contact them to tell them I want the extra money back.

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