Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I Survived Jury Duty

Where to start? How about the jury lounge. Long and narrow. It means you have one aisle with chairs on either side. Sometimes as many as ten or more in a row. It is difficult to get people in and out of seats.

Why not a room that is wide? Why not a room where they are several aisles so people can more easily get to seats? How about a larger room in general so everyone can sit down? How about a larger bathroom? The men's room was on the small side. The nearest bathroom after this one is on another floor.

The "video" well that has to be at least fifteen if not twenty years old. There are skips in the video or glitches. Maybe that could be updated.

One very funny part of the video deals with the jury selection process. If you aren't picked for a jury, you should not take it personally. Personally, I'd be damn happy that I wasn't picked. In fact who wouldn't be happy not to be picked.

So how was the day. I arrived at 10:30. Went to lunch at 12:30. Got back at 1:30 and then was told to go home at 2:00.

Hopefully this is the last time I'll be called in a very long time.

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