Sunday, September 21, 2008

700 Billion and Counting

That's the price tag to bail out Wall Street. Read all about it from the Post.

Free markets, personal responsibility, less government. I guess that only applies to the average person.

When rich people are about to loose their shirt all that stuff goes out the window.

And will there be any consequences on these people who got us in this position? As far as I can tell absolutely none. If I had my way, we round these bastards up and have them drawn and quartered and then have all their assets sold off to help pay for what they've done. But I'm pretty sure that won't happen.

It's not like we could have waited to see what else happened. Action had to be taken.

Too bad action wasn't taken much earlier when the results would not have been so bad. Too bad government didn't do its job of regulating the financial markets. Instead of thinking less regulation is the best way to go actually from what it looks like it was no regulation. Thanks to the Republican Party, especially President Bush and the Republican Congress for not doing their jobs. But then again when you are in the pockets of Wall Street and the major banks what can you expect.

And a special thanks to that "maverick" reformer Senator John McCain and his good friend Phil Gramm (you remember him the guy who called Americans whiners) for pushing through the legislation that allowed AIG and friends to get in the position where the U.S. government had to bail them out. And McCain has the balls to talk about how he'll reform Wall Street. That is so rich.

And rich is what Americans will not be. The idea of reforming health care or getting social security on a sounder financial footing and just about anything else is out the window.

Now that I think about it, drawn and quartered is a rather mild punishment for these guys.

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