Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Washer Arrives

My new washing machine arrived yesterday. I got it last Monday at Home Depot. I figured that was the best place to get it. They had the best prices and a sale and a refund to the cost of delivery. They would haul away the old machine and hook it up as well. I spent a little more money on the machine but made up for it because of the sale which 10 percent off machines over $398 and the free delivery. It ended up being less than the machine that cost $50 less.

I got an automated call on Friday night saying that the delivery would be sometime between 8 and noon on Saturday.

Saturday morning I got up early and went down the basement to clear out the area around the washer. I then noticed that the hoses used to hook up the water to the washer were just barely long enough. I decided to make a quick run down to Home Depot to see if I could pick up some new ones that were a little longer. I rushed down to the store. It took a while to find hoses that were longer than 4 feet but with the help of someone at Home Depot I was able to find one that was 5 feet. One hose was red the other blue.

I got home and disconnected the old hoses. I had to move the washer out of the way to do this. I noticed that it really wasn't all that hard to move the machine around. I tried to get it out the back door but couldn't get it over the threshold.

Around 8:40 am or so I get a call. It is the delivery people. They say they will be there in five to ten minutes. It took them that long too. What I was impressed with is that they puller around to the back of the house and knocked on my back door.

In less than ten minutes they'd taken the old one out and set up the new one. There really wasn't all that much to do. There were a set of hoses that came with the machine but I had them use the ones I bought. The water intake on the new machine was more in the center so I think the 4 foot hoses would have worked out fine. They hooked up the hoses made sure they were on tight and then tried the machine to see if it worked. I then signed for it and I had a new machine.

I had several loads to do so I got started right away. The machine is very quiet. In fact for a while there I wasn't sure it was working at all. The agitator is as I said very quiet. Since I had several loads to do I tried several different settings on the machine. I'm very pleased. Most of all I have clean clothes now!

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