Thursday, February 04, 2010

Another Big Storm

Yes there's another big storm on the way.

Here's how the estimated snow totals have changed as the storm gets closer. This is from the Capital Weather Gang from the Post:

Metro area accumulation probabilities as of now (Wednesday evening):

10% chance: Less than 2”
20% chance: 2-6”
35% chance: 6-12”
35% chance: 12”+
(Probability of 12 inches or more increases around 5 to 10 percent north and west of the Beltway.)

Snowfall probabilities: (update as of 11pm Wednesday)

5% chance: Less than 6”
15% chance: 6-10”
40% chance: 10-16”
40% chance: 16”+

Notice how the less than 2 and 2-6 inches options have been dropped.

I got up early this morning and went grocery shopping. I figured better to get it out of the way then going tonight and waiting in long lines.

I'll post more about the expected amounts and also what ends up on my back steps.

Time to find a good book or DVD and hunker down for the weekend. A friend was going to come over and watch the Super Bowl but we've scrapped that.

Yeah Snow!

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