Sunday, February 07, 2010

Not Back to Normal Anytime soon

The Federal Government will be closed.

Most if not all of the schools will be closed. In fact some have said they will be closed Monday and Tuesday.

DC schools were going to open 2 hours late and they got deluged with complaints so they decided to close on Monday. What were these people thinking?

American, Catholic, Georgetown, George Washington, Howard, and Trinity Universities all closed.

There will be no above ground Metro service on Monday which means I won't be going to work.

And the kicker is this:

The next storm: Precipitation, primarily snow as it looks now but maybe mixed with sleet at the start, is on track to arrive Tuesday afternoon or evening. Snow, or briefly a snow/sleet mix, may be on the light side at first before probably becoming moderate to heavy overnight into Wednesday.

At least 4 inches is looking like a decent bet, with 8 inches or more a possibility. Here are our accumulation probabilities, which are likely to change as the storm gets closer:

15%: Less than 2"
25%: 2-5"
35%: 5-8"
25%: 8"+

DC is on track to having the second snowiest winter on record. Less than an inch is needed to reach that goal. And if we get 9 inches it will be the snowiest winter on record. I have a feeling we'll meet that goal as well.

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