Friday, February 05, 2010

Here's What It Looks Like at 4pm

The snow is starting to stick now.

You can see that the street is starting to get covered. If you look closely you'll see a couple of kids playing with their dad.

An update from the Post about the storm (which is only just beginning):

With the fall of darkness, the forecast suggested, true blizzard conditions could descend. Often used loosely to describe a heavy snowfall, a true blizzard has sustained winds or gusts above 35 mph, blowing snow that cuts visibility below a quarter of a mile and lasts at least three hours.

The consensus among forecasters was that there would be at least 20 inches by late Saturday, and some thought it might be a record-breaking 30 or more.


Mirella said...

NIce pictures. Thank you for sharing!

Jason in DC said...

Thanks. There'll be many more.