Sunday, March 27, 2011

Off to New York City

Wednesday I went up to New York City on Megabus. I went with a friend that I volunteer with at Food and Friends. We last went up together in September. I'm calling this the spring trip. There was little spring like about the weather. Rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow. But we still went anyway. We had a great time.

As you can tell from the first couple of pictures, it was pretty gloomy in Times Square. It was a little cold but I brought a warm sweater and a hat and gloves so I did fine. Also it never rained or snowed or whatever form of precipitation that came down for very long. In fact, the snow held off to the very end of the trip. And it turned out to rather beautiful. We didn't have to stand out in it all that long while waiting for the bus. I will say it was great to get on a heated bus.

Once again an amazing trip.


Unknown said...

Great pictures! I love seeing other people's views of Time Square. Glad the weather held off and wasn't too bad.

Enrico Ivan Pusceddu said...

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