Tuesday, July 19, 2011

After the Movie on Friday

A little more about seeing the movie at the Uptown and the rest of my day.

As I said, there were probably 150-200 people in the theater. Most of them ended up in the balcony. I sat in my favorite row. The row in front of the one I was sitting in has been taken out. I think it is to provide an are where handicapped people can sit most likely people in wheel chairs. Because of the extra space, no one has to climb over you to get to their seat. It means you can really stretch out your legs.

While I was making a dash up to the rest room before the movie started, I noticed the guy ahead of me had probably the most developed calve muscles I’d ever seen. They were probably the size of my thigh. Maybe a bit of an exaggeration but not much. I assumed he must have be a rugby player or something like. He certainly had the build for it. After the movie I saw him leave with a couple of his friends. He said goodbye to them. He then proceeded to take out an arm band and attach his iPod to it. He put in his ear buds and jogged off. I thought maybe he lives close by. It took me a little while to get to my car and then head down Connecticut Avenue toward home. I passed the National Zoo and noticed the guy jogging. I guess his home wasn’t all that close.

We got out of the movie around 5:45 am Friday. Three out of the four local stations had cameras there to get reactions from people. I'd hope to be able to find one of the interviews to post but wasn't able to come up with anything.

I got home a little after 6am. I decided not to stay at home. I was rather pumped up from the movie. Also I was wired from a lack of sleep. My concern was that if I sat down I'd fall asleep. So I decided to pack up my things and go to the 7am spinning class at my gym.

I made it through the class with no problems. In fact I did pretty well until about 3 in the afternoon. My energy level really started to come down then. My concentration wasn't very good either. I ended the day doing some rather easy and simple corrections to a publication.

Around 4:30 pm I headed for home. I lasted for a most of the evening but finally a little before 10 pm I headed off for bed.

In all a long but very fun and exciting day.

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