Thursday, July 28, 2011

Civil War 150

I’m a little behind in my Civil War 150 battles. So here’s a quick run down of what happened in July of 1861.

Battle of Carthage Jasper County, Missouri, US July 5, 1861

The battle had little meaning, but the pro-Southern elements in Missouri, anxious for any good news, championed their first victory.

Rich Mountain Randolph County, Western Virginia , US July 11, 1861

This was the first battle where a general died from either side. In this case it was the Confederates Brig. Gen. Robert S. Garnett

Blackburn’s Ford July 18, 1861

The opening skirmish to the Battle of Manasas

Manassas I
Fairfax & Prince William Counties, Virginia, US 21 Jul 1861
I wrote about this one earlier can find the info by following this link.

This past weekend, in all that heat, was the reenactment of Bull Run.

Here's a little from the Post article:

Scott Sharp, 41, a high school teacher from Stoutsville, Ohio, stood in a red shirt with a black tie and black hat giving a pep talk to the men portraying the 13th New York regiment, who were lined up before him.

The 13th “was one of the first units on the field,” he told the men, a sword hanging by his side. “Took a ton of casualties, mainly because they didn’t run away. They fought hard. They were one of the last units off the field, covering the retreat of the federal army. We will not run . . . Just so you know what we’re about today.”

Here’s a great photo gallery from the reenactment.

After Manassas both sides took a pause. They started to realize this might not be a quick and painless war after all.

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