Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Crap from the Far Far Right

Yet again something from a far far right organization sent my way. Hard to believe there is something in father to the right than the Heritage Foundation but there is. This time I got a fundraising letter from Judicial Watch.

I really love the first line of the letter:

I'm betting you'd rather cut off your right arm before watching Barack Obama server another term in the White House . . .

Actually, I was thinking along those lines only if a Republican would end up winning in 2012. The fund raising appeal goes on to say that I wasn't one of the tens of thousands of conservatives who answered there previous letter.

Let me think yes that would be true. And there is that small little tiny thing that I'm not a conservative. That I don't support any of the positions of the Heritage Foundation or Judicial Watch.

I would really love to know what mailing list is being sold to these people that would possibly make them believe I would give then a single cent to support their cause.

Judicial Watch is also incredibly cheap. At least the Heritage Foundation included a self addressed envelope with postage on it. Judicial Watch makes you pay for the postage.

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