Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Cat Application is In

I have put in my application to the Washington Humane Society to be able to adopt a cat. Well in this case it would be cats.

I've decided it is time to have some friends in the house. I won't be getting them until I get back from Springfield. I went and looked at a couple I'd picked out on their website about a week ago.

I had some questions today and called. The person I talked to said I should put in my application now. That way when I'm ready to adopt all of that will be taken care of and I can just come in and pick out the cats I want.

I've taken a fancy to two guys. I went and met them today when I put in my application. They seemed very nice. I can't put a hold on them so I just have to hope no one takes a fancy to them until I come back. I think that might be a fairly good bet since they've been there for a couple of months.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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