Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Guys Arrive!

I picked up the guys today from the Humane Society. They are very nice. Everyone at the shelter was really pleased that Dino a.k.a. Linus and Darko a.k.a. Charlie Brown were being adopted and adopted together. Here are some pictures. More to come later.

Here's Charlie Brown:

Here's Linus:


Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Yay! Welcome new furbabies!

Jason in DC said...

Yes. Thanks very much.

Maggie said...

Adorable boyz!

tracirabin said...

I love when people can open their hearts & their homes to four legged babies.
May they bring you a world full of joy!

Jason in DC said...

Thanks so much. My goal was to adopt from a shelter. I was surprised while looking at different shelters how many of them wanted to try and adopt cats together. I'd been thinking about adopting two and that sealed the deal.