Wednesday, December 07, 2011

It Might Snow Later Today — Time to Panic!!!!!!

This from the Washington Post:

Remember our minor snow event back on Oct. 29? We’ve got a similar situation tonight with colder air moving in as precipitation prepares to exit. There’s potentially enough of an overlap to produce a light snow accumulation late tonight, mainly on grass and especially the further north and west you go from the District. Before then, this rather juicy storm system produces as much as 1-3” of rain through evening. A Flood Watch is in effect this afternoon through late tonight.

So there might be some snow but not very much. It is the number one topic of conversation on the morning radio show I listen to. Also coverage on the local news station when I tuned in for the weather.

It is always funny to me the complete and total panic that sets in when there is even the mention of snow. My guess is there will be a few flakes that fall but there'll be a whole lot of hand wringing before it's all over.

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