Monday, January 23, 2012

South Carolina Shakes up the Race!?

Some quick thoughts on Saturday and South Carolina.

Romney took a thumping on Saturday.

Gingrich won by 12 points.

What’s interesting is once again Romney was in this 25-30% zone.

Romney’s speech after SC talked about the right to create wealth not about helping people get jobs.

Here's an understatement from Romney:

Romney said the South Carolina campaign “was not a great week for me” and acknowledged that the focus on his wavering comments about his tax returns contributed to “a setback.” He said he would release his 2010 returns and a 2011 estimate online Tuesday.

The question is does this really shake up the race. Or will it be just a blip on the screen to Romney winning the nomination. I'm still not entirely sure one way or another.

There is another debate tonight maybe that will help set the tone. The problem is that after Florida there's a gap between contests. Also a lack of debates which Newt tends to use to his greatest advantage.

One thing I do know for sure there will be great deal of mud flung around from now on. As everyone is going to go all out to score points with voters.

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