Monday, February 06, 2012

The Great Super Bowl Pizza Hunt

A couple of times when I’ve been over at my friend Mark’s to watch football, he’s served pizza from Safeway. It is really good pepperoni pizza. I thought it would be great idea to serve that when Stu and I watched the Super Bowl.

I’d planned to go and get it on Saturday on the way back from having brunch with Lis. But brunch and the visit went a little longer than expected (I also got a firewire cable to replace the one I was having problems with; my external drive now shows up on my computer’s desktop) and I decided to wait until Sunday to get the pizza. I went home after the brunch and took a nap. I thought for a little while after I got up from the nap that I might go out and get the pizza but decided against that. Still fighting the cold from hell I thought best to stay in out of the cold. I was a little concerned that I might have problems finding one.

I settled on a Safeway in Maryland. Not very far from my house. Maybe 15 minutes or so. I checked their hours and they opened at 7. I was hoping to get there around then but I stayed in bed. I got going around 8:15 or so. I put the address into my GPS and off I went. I found the place with no problems. But the problem was that the store had literally closed for good the day before.

I used my iPhone to find the nearest Safeway from there. Off I went. I got to the place where the next Safeway was supposed to be and well I just couldn’t find it. My mistake was not going to the Safeway web site and finding where the nearest store was to the one that had closed.

So this time around I went to the Safeway web site. Found out there was one on Georgia Avenue. And I was on the road again. Got to this one without any problems. It was where it was supposed to be and was open. It was also a very old small store with a parking lot full of cars. I decided to see if I could find another one.

I knew that there was a store in Georgetown that was brand new and with lots of parking. I programed the address into my GPS and off I went yet again. On the way I realized there was a store in Adams Morgan that I would be driving right past. I decided to stop there. Best laid plans. Turns out I couldn’t find any parking.

Finally I get to the Georgetown Safeway. A big wonderful store with two levels of parking. Found the pizza with no trouble. Also the few other things I needed to. Headed back to my house. Got there around 10:30. My trip for a pizza which I thought might take at the very most 45 minutes turned into a two hour trek. Next time I’m just going to drive to the Georgetown location.

But the bottom line it was worth it because the pizza was great.

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