Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Occupy DC Fades Away

The Park Police finally started to enforce the no-camping rules on Occupy DC at McPherson Square. Very little was left on Monday and even less today.

From the Post

In McPherson Square, where protesters once slept, ate hot meals and snuggled in friendly “cuddle puddles,” they can now stay overnight only if they stay awake, keeping only unfurnished tents for the purpose of a round-the-clock vigil, police said.

“They can have the tents for symbolic purposes only. So long as there is compliance, we will have no issues,” said Sgt. David Schlosser, a Park Police spokesman. “Their First Amendment rights are paramount.”

A great deal of work is going to need to be done to restore McPherson Square to what it once was. In fact this will be the second time in a year that it's been done. Last year the Park Service restored McPherson Square and now they'll have to do it all over.

The issues that Occupy DC and the other Occupy movements were and are important issues. The problem was they just didn't seem to have any idea on what to do to resolve those issues. And in the end that did them in.

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