Monday, March 19, 2012

My Toe is a Mess

My toe is still trying to recover from me running into well whatever I hit when I was near the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria. I thought about posting a picture but that would be way too gross.

It is needless to say a mess. Haven't been able to do much walking at all. Now when I do walk for a while the toe bleeds just a little. Not a whole bunch of blood. Not like it's an open cut. Once I get out of my shoes it stops. I think it is because the pressure the shoe puts on the toe. It looks like the toe nail might come off. I talked to my doctor about it last week. He said to get some first aid tape and tape the hurt toe to the one next to it. That would be the advice he gave if the toe was broken (which thankfully mine is not) and one that was badly bruise (which mine is).

If the toe doesn't get to be at least a little better, I think I'm going to put in another call to my doctor and see what he says. I can also discuss what the ears, nose and throat guy said about my acid reflux. But that's another story and for another post.

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