Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Romney Just Squeaks By in Ohio

Is this how he’s going to win the nomination?

Romney will collect just enough delegates to win. He’ll continue to get battered in very conservatives states like Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia, North Dakota. He wins in Ohio by around 12,000. Hardly a mandate.

One of the things the Romney campaign is saying is they’ll have the most number of delegates by the time convention rolls around. No one else will be able to win. As someone from the Santorum campaign said, which I agree with, that’s not a compelling reason to vote for someone.

Romney in all likelihood will be the nominee for the Republicans. He does have more money. He does have a better organization (Santorum couldn’t field a full slate of delegates in all of the Ohio Congressional districts for the primary). And in the end he will have more delegates.

But this is going to take a while longer than I think most people thought. Especially since the race turns to the south where Romney is weakest.

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